Other Sealers - Top Shield Transparent 0,25 L

  • Other Sealers - Top Shield Transparent 0,25 L

Top Shield Transparent 0,25 L

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High performance impregnation for the professional use, very high concentration of active substances allows a 3 to 6 times higher spreading rate than usual impregnations, foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute). Beginning of protective effect (20°C): 2-3 h


Extremely strong water-, grease- and oil-repellent high-performance impregnation used to protect natural stones (marble, limestone, granite, gneiss, porphyry etc.) as well as cotto, terrazzo, fine stoneware, ceramic and artificial stone (quartz). It is also excellently suitable for rough surfaces (ground, flmaed, brushed or satin ones). Special areas of application are high-tech kitchen counter tops, washstands, shelves, displays, tables. The product does generally not intensify the colour of polished surfaces. No "greasy" appearance of rough surfaces, even if intensified in colour.


Protecting & Impregnating: Premium protection natural

Surface: Fine-ground, Ground, Satinated, Antique, Ground & polished

Chemical basis: Solvent-based

Method of application: Pad

Material: Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite

Area of application: Kitchen, Table & window sill, Food area

Concentration: Ready-to-use

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