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Celkovo 11 položiek 15 z 20



Celkovo 11 položiek 15 z 20

  1. Stone Polish - silicone based Dostupný na sklade

    Stone Polish - silicone based

    Bez dane: 32,66 € S daňou: 40,17 €
    Stone-care product. Reacts with atmospheric humidity and forms a resistant protective film. Weather-resistant, non-yellowing, allows the surfaces to breathe. Foodsafe (certified by an external German testing institute) It preserves the natural colour and, when polished, returns the original lustre to floors, tables, working surfaces and window sills. Excellently suited for outdoor use. Zistiť viac

  2. Stone Sealer mat finish Dostupný na sklade

    Stone Sealer mat finish

    Bez dane: 42,41 € S daňou: 52,16 €
    Sealer which contains solvents and high-grade acrylic resins. It is weather-resistant and non-yellowing The colourless acrylic coating provides long-term protection and is water and dirt-resistant. It is used to seal porous and absorbent surfaces. Colours and structures appear more intensive. On account of the sealed surface, the stone is easier to care for. Preferably used indoors. Zistiť viac

  3. Natura Impregnator Dostupný na sklade

    Natura Impregnator

    Bez dane: 39,16 € S daňou: 48,17 €
    Impregnation based on water, free of solvents, no VOC, odourless, environmentally friendly Water- and dirt-repellent impregnation for the treatment of absorbent natural and artificial stones, cotto, terrazzo and unglazed ceramic tiles. Especially suited for surfaces with residual humidity, mainly outdoors and for the used in polishing lines of the stone industry. The colour will normally not be changed Zistiť viac

  4. Spider Black 1 L Dostupný na sklade

    Spider Black 1 L

    Bez dane: 55,42 € S daňou: 68,17 €
    Black, fast drying, solvent-containing product made of high-quality waxes and synthetic resins (free of trichloroethylene and CHC), intensifies the colour of the stone Polishing and care product which hides micro-fissures and the spider web effect that can be seen on certain dark or black stones. Suitable for fine ground or polished natural and artificial stones, can easily be polished on and renewed if necessary. For indoor use. Zistiť viac

  5. Darkener Plus 1 L Dostupný na sklade

    Darkener Plus 1 L

    Bez dane: 100,14 € S daňou: 123,17 €
    Impregnation which intensifies colour shades extremely well. Beginning of protective effect (20°C): approx. 24 - 48 h Weather-resistant product with a long-term effect for indoors and outdoors. Intensifies colour and structure of fine ground and polished stones. Can be coloured with AKEMI Stone Ink in order to further intensify or change the colour of the stone surface. Transports the Stone Ink dye stuff into the stone’s pore system and has a long-lasting effect. Suitable for all fine grou Zistiť viac


Celkovo 11 položiek 15 z 20



Celkovo 11 položiek 15 z 20